BIBIR-GHANA is a Non-Governmental organization (NGO) based in the Northern Region of Ghana. BIBIR-GHANA is operating in the Tamale Metropolis,Tolon and Savelugu-Nanton Districts. BIBIR-GHANA was started by Mr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Sala and Joseph Charles Osei who is currently the Director of the NGO in Ghana. 


BIBIR-GHANA is a local NGO founded in 2005. From 2005 to 2013 BIBIR-GHANA was fortunate to get funding from FUNDACION INTERVIDA in Barcelona to execute all planned projects and interventions. Joseph Charles Osei began the formation of BIBIR-GHANA in Tamale. "BIBIR" is the dagaare word for children. 

BIBIR-GHANA is registered with the Registrar General Department and Social Welfare directorate in Accra. The office is situated in the center of Tamale near the market. For further clarification and direction you can contact us via phone or e-mail.

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Kayayei Documentary Part 1

Kayayei Documentary Part 2

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Phone: +233 372024829 or +233 208166633 or +233 243314421 or +233261115170 

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