Assistance to women in small scale businesses

Micro Credit

Micro credit is a way of promoting economic development by giving small loans to women or groups of women. These groups are not able to get regular credit because they lack the collateral, verifiable credit history or steady employment, and therefore don’t meet the requirements. By providing these small loans, BIBIR gives the women the chance to start their own businesses, for example in the production of sheabutter, groundnut oil. 

 This empowers the women by strengthening their economic roles, increasing their ability to contribute to the family income, helping them establish their identity outside the family and giving them self-confidence and experience.

In combination with the micro credits, BIBIR organizes capacity building seminars for the women. These seminars give the women insight on topics like group dynamics, credit management, conflict management, reproductive health, family planning and financial literacy. The reason why we support women (instead of men) is that they are more likely to be concerned about the well-being of their children.

Women making groundnut oil