The Carpenters' Guild of Borken (Germany)

Mr. Roger Hagemann is a Trade Master with the Carpenters' Guild of Borken in Germany. During his visit to Tamale, he visited the Tantuani community and saw the children sitting on stones in their dilapidated classrooms. He was touched by the situation and decided to build three classrooms for the children. Being a carpenter himself, Roger made some plans and presented them to a team of local builders under the supervision of BIBIR. Then on his 50th birthday, he gathered some funds to build a rain harvester to store water  during the rainy season. This he believes will enhance the childrens' education by allowing them to attend school instead of searching for water. 

The rainwater reservoir

Roger Hagemann with the children

Classrooms before...

...and after!

We have worked in collaboration with

Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA)

Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA)

National Business for Small Scale Industry (NBSSI)

Savelugu District Education Office

Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Paderborn (Germany)

Villageboom GmbH (Germany)

World Vision (Savelugu-Nanton Municipal)


Butterfly Works (Netherlands)


ADAMS (Spain)


This project offers women groups with credit facility to purchase water filter from Basic Water Needs for their use at homes. The objective is to provide every Ghanaian with  potable drinking water through this basic device.

Tolon/ Kumbungu District Education Office

In 2010 the District Director of Education for the Tolon/ Kumbungu District asked us for assistance to sponsor children in one of the classes from primary to J.H.S. in their District wide examination.  We sponsored the children of primary 4. We are happy that the children were able to write the exams with our assistance.

The Director of BIBIR presenting a cheque to the District Director of Education in support of their districtwide examination


In August 2011, the director of BIBIR, Joseph Charles Osei met with Mr. Thomas Ricke the founder of Villageboom GmbH in Münster, Germany to discuss how the two organisations could combine efforts to help eradicate the use of kerosene as a source of energy in the communities. Thomas Ricke agreed to send their solar power products to BIBIR to sell to the communities at a subsidised price. The aim of this project is to reduce the cost for rural communities and also to stop the dangerous use of kerosene or candles at home. 

This agreement has been ongoing since October 2011 and so far many villages like Tantuani, Kpelmagni, Bogunaayili, Gingani, Kulaa, Gunaayili, Gupanarigu, etc. have embraced  the concept and are providing their communities with solar power.

Presenting a community with solar power products by Villageboom GmbH


ADAMS, an organisation based in Spain, placed an order with our seamstress-trainees for 3,500 bags which were sold as fair trade products. In doing so they supported the former Kayayei in their training. Mrs. Chusa, the founder of the organisation, and her family visited some of the project sites of BIBIR and she fell in love with these young girls who were acquiring vocational skills to be on their own in the near future.