Economic development


Computers, ICT and internet are getting more important each day. Having some knowledge of it will increase your economic opportunities drastically. This is why BIBIR provides ICT courses. There are two kinds of courses. The first one focuses on software and the second one focuses on hardware and networking. Both will be explained further.

- The software courses consist out of two packages. The first package is called ‘Data Information Management’, which is designed for beginners or first time learners of the computer. After completing the 10-week program, the learner should be able to maneuver through the computer and produce organized information from raw data. The course includes: Introduction to computer; Windows; MS Word (Basic) and MS Access.

The second package, called ‘Graphics’, is designed for computer literates who want to enhance themselves is desktop publishing and graphic designing. In the course of the 16-week program, the learner will be taken through image enhancement and color management tools. The course includes: MS Word (Advanced); MS PowerPoint; MS Publisher; Corel Draw; Photo Impression 4; Visual Business Card 4 and an introduction to the internet.

- The hardware/networking courses also consist of two programs. The first one is focused on hardware. The course is intended for people who would like to become Computer Technicians of have a first hand knowledge of about upgrading, repairs, servicing and maintenance of computer. The course includes: Basic electronics; Microcomputer technology; PC installation; PC upgrading & assembly; MS DOS & Windows; Troubleshooting; Introduction to networking and customer care.

The second course focuses on networking. It is intended for computer technicians or computer literates and it introduces the learner to the environment in which computers communicate with each other (a network) and the technologies behind their ability to communicate. The course includes: Design and management; Installation; Configuration; Security and administration; Troubleshooting; WAN fundamentals and customer care.

The BIBIR Computer School has an ultra modern, well air-conditioned computer Laboratory, equipped with powerful, virus free computer that are running current updated software. With a team of competent and well-disciplined teaching staff, you are assured of the best computer literacy money can buy. Equal attention is given to each student and there is more time to learn as each student is assigned a computer. When a course is completed, the learner gets a certificate. For the prices of the courses contact

 Mr. Osei giving an orientation.

Students in the hardware course.