Collaboration between SADA and Bibir

BIBIR has been collaborating with SADA (Savannah Accelerated Development Authority) since 2013, in order to provide poor rural farmers with the necessary tools to harvest a sufficient crop to provide for their families.
Unlike in the Southern part of Ghana, the Northern Region only has one farming season a year and a much longer dry season. Therefore, it is especially important for farming families to make the most out of the short farming season. 

Children are often removed from school by their parents in order to help with the plowing of the fields. BIBIR and SADA are working together to plow the farmers' fields for them, using tractors, so that the children can attend school rather than do hard labor at home. 
BIBIR and SADA also provide seeds and fertilizers to farmers in need. 

Farmers who receive assistance contribute a portion of their proceeds towards SADA's and BIBIR's services when harvesting season is over. Using our services is very affordable as the cost of hiring a tractor from a private owner is double that of hiring via our services.

At the end of the year BIBIR and SADA assisted farmers from the Tolon District to plow a total of 603 acres of land for 351 farmers. A total of 1250 NPK fertilizer and 500 Sulphate Ammonia and some improved seeds were provided to low-income communities. Unfortunately, the yield at the end of the season was very poor as there was insufficient rainfall which caused a drought in the region. Recovery is therefore very difficult as farmers do not even have food for their families.

BIBIR staff meeting with farmers of a local community