BIBIR collaborates with other institutions to allow local and international students to do their internship with us.

 BIBIR has no funds to cater for students on internship but has the capacity to assist students in their internship programme. Volunteers are also accepted. 

BIBIR facilitates in the areas of:

a. Your arrival to the country

b. Your departure and arrival from Accra to Tamale respectively.

c. Your accommodation during the period of  your stay

d. To arrange for you to be attached

e. Any other assistance that may be possible to offer to make your stay comfortable


1. Ms. Malena Theele; Westfalische Wilhelms University (Germany) from 19/07 to 24/08 2007

2. Ms. Anna Luhmann; Friedensschule, Münster (Germany) from 03/09/2008 to 28/05/2009

3. Mr. Philip Maximilian; RWTH AACHEN University (Germany) from 07/09 to 06/10 2009

4. Ms. Jager Janin; RWTH AACHEN University (Germany) from 07/09 to 06/10 2009

5. Mr. Martin Schneider; Wilhelms University, Münster (Germany) from 21/09 to 13/10 2010.

6. Ms. Tabitha Triphaus; Westfalische Wilhelms University (Germany) from 22/02 to 16/03 2010.

7. Mr. Aleksander Driesen (Belgium)

8. Ms. Batet Alvarez Raquel; student nurse (Spain); was attached to Sheikenna Clinic

9. Andrea Campos; medical student (Spain); was attached to Sheikenna Clinic.

10. Ms. Rabea Schurmann; KatHo, Paderborn (Germany) from 30/07 to 09/11 2012

11. Ms. Annika Gerhard; KatHo, Paderborn (Germany) from 30/07 - 09/11 2012

12. Ms. Theresa Joch; Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Paderborn (Germany)

13. Ms. Nadine Loerwald; Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Paderborn (Germany)

14. Ms. Sarah Koch, Friedensschule, Muenster (Germany)

15. Mrs. Stephanie Kassim, University of Bayreuth (Germany)